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Does my artwork need a mat? 

Whether or not to add a mat to your image is entirely up to you. If you intend to sell the artwork or pass it down as a family heirloom, an acid-free mat is a good idea to protect the image from the condensation that may occur on the glass.Adding a mat to your photograph or artwork is a great way to draw attention to it. A mat means a larger frame, which means your piece will take up more space on the wall.

A mat is also practical – it separates the art from the glazing (glass or acrylic), and therefore protects it from moisture that may collect on the inside of the glass, and keeps the paper from adhering to the glazing.

Multiple Frame Wall Collage 

Step #1:  Get inspired.

Find inspiration and a layout that you like.

Step #2:  Measure your wall

Measure the space from the floor to the ceiling to see how much available space there is to work with.

Step #3:  Purchase your frames

Keep in mind,  selecting a 10×20 sized frame instead of a 20×30 sized frame will not have the same effect.

Step #4:  Trace your frames

Trace the frames onto white kraft paper and then arrange on the wall.  

Step #5:  Order your prints

From Songbirdgallery of course. 

Step #6:  Hang your gallery wall

Your Art Reflects Your Life.

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